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MySQL and PostgreSQL Intelligent Protection

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Hi Friends,

As a database administrator (DBA), you support your company’s most business-critical applications—databases—and you are accountable for ensuring their availability. Because of the mission-critical nature of your job, you want complete control over the access, security, data integrity and resiliency of the databases you manage.

NetBackup for Backup and Recovery of MySQL/PostgreSQL Databases

With the introduction of Veritas NetBackup 10.1, MySQL and PostgreSQL database administrators (DBA), can now setup backups for new instances or databases and manage daily data protection without needing full NetBackup console access.  The MySQL and PostgreSQL DBA can now perform the following:

  • AutoDiscovery of MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases -  After the NetBackup client installation, a NetBackup discovery can be performed manually by adding a dummy instance or through an auto discovery schedule.
  • Discovered MySQL and PostgreSQL instances will need the DBA to add credentials to perform a deep discovery operation. After the credentials are entered a deep discovery can be performed for one or multiple instances.  Following the deep discovery, the discovered databases will be displayed in the Database tab in the NetBackup WebUI.
  • NetBackup now contains MySQL and PostgreSQL backup protection plans for credentialed instances and databases.  The protection plan allows for full and incremental backups.
    1. Backup from snapshot.
    2. Backup MySQL using mysqldump.
    3. Backup PostgreSQL using pg_basebackup and pg_dump.
  • Full restores and point in time (PIT) restores are available at the Instance level and full restore at the database level.

Recovery of MySQL/PostGresQL Instance

To begin the recovery of a MySQL or PostgreSQL database instance, navigate to either MySQL or PostgeSQL located under Workloads in the NetBackup WebUI. 

Note:  MySQL was used for the following restore, but the steps are the same for PostgreSQL.


Figure 1: Perform a MySQL/PostgreSQL Instance Restore.

Select the Recovery Points tab and select the instance backup you’d like to restore.


Figure 2: Select backup image.

 The next step is to enter the recovery target and choose whether to restore to the original or an alternate location.


Figure 3: Select where to restore the backup.

 Review the summary of the restore, and when everything looks good begin the recovery.


Figure 4: Ready to start the recovery.

Veritas NetBackup now makes it easier for MySQL and PostgreSQL DBAs giving them the ability to setup backups for new instances or databases and manage daily data protection without needing full NetBackup console access.  Veritas NetBackup makes back and recovery for MySQL and PostgreSQL instances and databases simple and flexible.


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it is very helpful, thanks for the information!