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NB 6.5 and LTO 3 capacity

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I am running NetBackup Ent 6.5 (Windows).  Our tape library is an HP MSL6000 with dual LTO 3 drives. 
We are using all LTO 3 media.  I am curious why some media is "full" with seemingly low data volume and other media is "full" with much higher volume. 

For example when I run the available_media command and evaluate my media that is listed as Full:
Some media has 366 GB and is full and some media has over 1 TB and is full.  I know that LTO 3 has capacity of 400/800.

I am just curious why media fills with vastly different amounts of data (according to NetBackup).

Thanks for any insight on this.


Level 6
Some data like txt files compress really good.
Other data like videos don't compress well at all.

Level 6
Big difference is when you place DB in a tape and normal files, you can always use a special pool just for DB backups and change your policies to that DB_Pool, this way you dont mix them and that gives you a better usage of the media.

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Some media have "bad spot" where data are not written. Also Interblock gab take up space. So you my end up with less capacity than estimated. As a rule of thumb estimate 400G per tape. Everything above is a discount ;)

From :

Also known as an Interblock gap and abbreviated as IBG or IRG, an Interrecord gap is a break between data records on hard drive and magnetic tape that serves as a safety margin for data overwrites. Interrecord gaps are also used as a marker for the end of data.