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NB DR design across two sites

Level 4

I am seeking guidance on the use of NB for DR. A two site company with one site designated as DR the other production. If a NB Master is clustered, spanning both sites then the catalogue needs to be replicated to the DR site, similarly if we use De-Dup and backup to disk then that information also needs to be replicated. Is there a best practice guide for this type of requirement?


Level 6
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Have you already considered using Auto Image Replication feature? Using AIR you can replicate data and it's catalog to remote NetBackup domains. Replication is performed under the control of Storage Lifycycle Policy(SLP), thus catalog for images replicated is also transferred at same time. You don't have to replicate catalog disks using any other products and operations. For more detail for AIR, please check chapter 20 of NetBackup 7.5 Administrator's Guide Volume I.

Level 6
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"With Cluster spanning two sites"

Is it GCO used for NBU ?

I wonder in this case AIR would help? As it requires to have Master server active at both locations. If you have another set of clustered master server thus AIR would help you alot. Bear in mind, AIR is for new backups not for existing data which you have on dedupe store. If you need it as well , only choice left is to duplicate it (rehydrate) on media , expire from dedupe and re-seed this would ensure it is available on both site along with catalog