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NB remote admin console


I have installed NB 5.1 remote admin console on my system.
Added it it the additinal server list.

I am able to get all the information regarding the Media and devices management on my remote console
but i am not able to access the jobs database. I am not able to view any reports. Catalog .

The activity monitor shows not connected to the server.
But i am able to see the tapes that are being used by my library.

Any ideas Please.
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Re: NB remote admin console

did you run
usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bprdreq -rereadconfig

or stop/start netbackup services?

NOTE: If a new media server entry is added to the bp.conf file, the bprd daemon needs to be bounced to re-read the bp.conf file.

I don't trust the rereadconfig. I allways stop/start the netbackup daemons. It's been a few days. Are you still having problems?Message was edited by:
Bob Stump

Re: NB remote admin console

The above is also true for an Remote Admin Console (RAC)

Re: NB remote admin console

Actually i didn't got any opportunity to start-stop the NB services due to the running backup schedules.

Today i did it and My remote admin console started working.

Thanls Bob!!