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NB7.5 Remote Backup Procedure after upgrading & changing Master

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NetBackup 7.5 Media Server with Puredisk and Tape Library attached. I need to backup remote site "ZXY" over a WAN Link.



Previously we were backing up XYZ using Synthetic Backups to Media Server "B" with Master Server "A" in another location. We then moved to a new Master Server "A1" and media server "B1." Before moving we replicated data using SLP from B to B1. We used the following link to seed:

In particular this section:

For example, assume two new remote clients, remote_client1 and remote_client2, are being backed up for the first time. Data for both clients has been copied via a transfer drive and backed up locally to the media server media1, using a policy called “transfer_drive”. 
  1. Run the following commands on the media server to setup a special seeding directory using the transfer_drive backup images for each client:

    $ seedutil -seed -sclient media1 -spolicy transfer_drive -dclient remote_client1
    $ seedutil -seed -sclient media1 -spolicy transfer_drive -dclient remote_client2

  2. Verify the seeding directory has been populated for each client:

    $ seedutil –list_images remote_client1
    $ seedutil –list_images remote_client2

  3. Run backups for remote_client1 and remote_client2.
  4. Clean-up the special seeding directory.:

    $ seedutil –clear remote_client1
    $ seedutil –clear remote_client2
Clearing the special seeding directory is important. The source backup images referenced in the special seeding directory will not be expired until they are no longer referenced. To help with this, the special seeding directory for a client will automatically be cleared whenever an image is expired by NetBackup for that client. That being said, it is good practice to explicitly cleanup the special seeding directory when it is no longer needed
We attempted to run backups but continually failed with Error 14. We had the Accelerator unticked. Due to the way our VPN's and WAN links are setup we decided to point the Client to another Media Server C1 which connects to A1 Master Server.
How should I progress with backing up the client. Shall I use the Accelerator, have Client Side Dedupe and just run a Full Backup over the link? Or shall I some how replicate from Media Server B to C1 or from B1 to C1, then follow the above link on seeding and then run a full backup?
Im a little confused on how remote backups are actually suppose to work and whether the Accelerator works on the first backup. Also whether it will use the dedupe data. Any help is appreciated.

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Client side de-dupe will help when you have limited bandwidth

Accelerator will still do a normal full backup on its first run so again you would need client side de-dupe to help here

If you have a poor link then set the details of those client have resilient networks - to do this go to the Master Servers Hosts properties  and the very last section at the bottom is "Resilient Network"

Add your troublesome clients in here (name or IP address) and set them to use a resilient network.

Hope this helps