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NB7 EV Database Incremental Backup fails

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We're having a bit of a problem with the incremental backups of our Enterprise Vault vault store database and directory database since we configured our backup to use the NetBackup Enterprise Vault client.


17.01.2011 10:51:17 - begin writing
17.01.2011 10:52:14 - Error bpbrm(pid=9072) from client EV-Server: ERR - Can't open object. Aborting backup: Enterprise Vault Resources:\EV Site (EVSitename (EV-Server))\EV Vault Store Group (Vaultstoregroupname)\EV Vault Store (Vaultstorename)\Vault Store DB (EV-Server/VaultstoreDBname)\VaultstoreDBname (BEDS 0xE000FEA9: The Backup Exec data store encountered a problem during the operation. See the job log for details.).
17.01.2011 10:52:14 - Error bptm(pid=8580) socket operation failed - 10054 (at child.c.1294)      
17.01.2011 10:52:14 - Error bptm(pid=8580) unable to perform read from client socket, connection may have been broken
17.01.2011 10:52:16 - Error bpbrm(pid=9072) could not send server status message       
17.01.2011 10:54:18 - end writing; write time: 00:03:01
file read failed(13)


Our EV policies are using the EV_OPEN_PARTITION and EV_DIR_DB directive respectively and we also tested it with just the EV_VAULT_STORE_DB directive. What's strange is, that this only happens when the policies are running the incremental backup. If I run a full backup, the job finishes successfully.

I already worked my way through Google and the Symantec KB, specifically


Although I am not sure if these articles apply to my problem, since, again, the full backup is working fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on that?


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Try to run the NetBackup Client Service under EV Service Account

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Hi There -

How did you solve this?  I am running the NB client as the EV Service Acct already and I am still rec'g the file read failed (13) error on my incrementals.  What else can I try?

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Status 13 is sometimes caused by a timeout.

Check Client Read timeout on master and media server.

The default is 300 (5 min). Increase to 1800.

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I will try that and report back.  Have a great day!

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It seems to be erroring out immediately after the backup starts.  Seems to act like a permissions issue but my EV accout is DBO on all the EV databases..

B ackup on client Evault01 for user root by server vm-netbkup7 failed.

 Status = file read failed.

 Policy = EVault_OpenPart_FingerPnt

Schedule = Daily_Backup

 File list


Enterprise Vault Resources:\EV Site (EVSite (EvaultSQL01))\EV Vault Store Group (Company Vault Store Group)\EV Vault Store (FS03 Vault Store)\Vault Store DB (EvaultSQL01/EVVSFS03VaultStore_5)\


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Well, it seems as though the job is actually working however I am receiving the notification that it is failing.  What the heck?

When I look at the actual job in Admin Console, I see all the failures (13) but the job continues to run and succeed.  It is like the job is spawning another process which one works and one does not. I double checked to make sure each database is succeeding and it is, but I contiue to receive the failure notifciation.  Does this make sense? 

I thought I had to have screwed up the policy or something, but I recreated it and the same thing happens.  So honestly.. it looks as all is well and this is a false failure but I would love to know how I can do away with these failure notifications.

Level 5

The link I found yesterday seems to have done the trick.  Thank you for your help.