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NBAC - how to set AD groups and limitation on policies

Level 4

Hi Everyone,


I have a customer who is choosing to implement NBAC and the installation portion is ready to go. However, after I have read the guide, I cannot seem to locate information on how to do the following:


1. We are looking to add an active directory user group to a specific NBAC user group. Is this possible? or do we have to manually add and remove each individual user who will need to be in that group? If it is possible, does anyone have an example of how to do this?


2. Are we able to limit a particular NBAC user group to only be able to manage a specific set of policies? For example, they would like to be able to have the unix netbackup administrators only be able to manage a specified unix list of policies, and that the microsoft team can only modify their windows policies. The only alternative I can see if this can't work is for them to run auditing reports against each groups actions and making sure that no-one is modifying someone else's work.


Thanks for your help in advance! I really have tried to find these between Symantec's howto's and the guide but either my eyes are skimming over what I need to find or its not there as an example.