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NBD Transport Fails... Despite 902 Hanging and ESX Resolution Working... HELP!

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Got a mystery....

I've setup NBD transport VMWARE bakcups numerous times and have never seen this. I have a case open with Veritas but wanted to reach out to see if anyone has seen this before.

NBD transport fails, despite port 902 being able to hang between all NBU Servers and all ESX Servers.

We are using HOSTS file to resolve, and are all exact copies of each other, so the ESX server name is correct in all NBU servers.

When using the VMWARE Host as the Backup Media server, if the storage unit uses my Master Server only, the job works. If it uses my media servers, they fail... 

This is again with all HOSTs files being 100% correct, and we can hang port 902 from all NBU servers to all ESX servers.

We thought perhaps this was an odd persmissions issue... we tested the NBU service account with full admin rights, still fails.

Vcenter is also correct and hangs on 443 from all NBU servers.

What might cause NBD transport to fail despite 902 being opened and the resolution to the ESX is correct? 

  • ESX server names are 100% correct in all hosts files. 
  • All Hosts files are exact  copies of each other, the ESX server names match 100%
  • We can hang Port 902 from all NBU servers to all ESX servers.
  • We can hang Port 443 from all NBU servers to the vCenter server.
  • NBU service account tested with full admin rights.
  • NBD transport works from when the VMWARE Backup Host is the Master Server but not Media Servers, DESPITE all of the above. 
  • Turned of logging, can't find any red flags when the job fails. 

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Not sure what you mean by "... Despite 902 Hanging ...

Hanging means 'not responding'. Not completing the connection. 

What is the error message that you are seeing? 
Can you show us all text in Job details?
Do you have VxMS logs on media servers? 

Which OS are the media servers?
Have you checked and verified that media servers are supported as VMware backup hosts?
Only Windows and Linux media servers are supported.

@Marianne That means I can telnet to the ESX server over port 902 succesfully; its just a term we use... "hang the port" ... means I can telnet to the ESX server via 902 without issue.

We get a transport failure, exit code 6

We've turned up VxMS logs and uploaded them to Vertias and I've been told they are going to backline engineering with this because we have all the componets that are required for NBD Transport... 443 from all NBU servers to the vCenter server and Port 902 from all NBU servers to all ESX servers. Everything is there. All hosts files are the same,  so I do not believe this is an ESX resolution issue.

These are 2012 R2 NBU 8.0 master and media servers and the media servers act as VMWARE backup hosts for all other customers but this one... 

Apr 2, 2019 12:16:12 PM - Error bpbrm (pid=8924) from client (CLIENT:( ERR - Error opening the snapshot disks using given transport mode: nbd Status 23

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VxMS log on media server is the only place (that I am aware of) where the problem with access to the datastore will be seen.