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NBREPLICATE - no entity was found (227)

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Hi to all

I have correctly configured AIR replicas for new backups, setting the second replication task, and importing on the target.
everything works.

Now I'm trying to import the old images on the new appliance (operation already performed several times in the past), but I have problems:
I correctly execute the Bpverify of an image (but the problem is on all of them), but I cannot replicate it


[root@sxgepvsl0181 tmp]# bpverify -backupid gendroid_1568145610

Verify started 09/11/2019 15:21:12

INF - Verifying policy gendroid, schedule Cumulative (gendroid_1568145610), path "@aaaac", created 09/10/2019 22:00:10.

INF - Verify of policy gendroid, schedule Cumulative (gendroid_1568145610) was successful.


INF - Status = successfully verified 1 of 1 images.


[root@sxgepvsl0181 tmp]# nbreplicate -backupid gendroid_1568145610 -target_sts -cn 1 -v

INF - Suspend window close behavior is not supported for nbreplicate

INF - window close behavior: Continue processing the current image

INF - dsmlib_common.cpp:166 EMM server set to

INF - dsmlib_common.cpp:189 Master server set to

INF - dsmlib_common.cpp:271 Connecting to DiskServiceMgr on

INF - dsmlib_common.cpp:59 Using dsmlib private orb

INF - dsmlib_common.cpp:279 Connecting to NBDSMFSM using orb 0xc31790

INF - dsmlib_common.cpp:345 Registerd Framework OBV factories with orb 0xc31790

INF - dsmlib_common.cpp:353 Registerd DiskServiceMgr OBV factories with orb 0xc31790

INF - ReplicationJob::Replicate: Replication failed for backup id gendroid_1568145610: no entity was found (227)

INF - Replication failed for backup id gendroid_1568145610: no entity was found (227)

[root@sxgepvsl0181 tmp]# bpimmedia -l -client

do you have ideas?


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you can AIR replicate only backups which were originally created with a Storage Lifecycle Policy, not with a source Storage Unit only.

You metioned that it worked in the past, I am sure it could not. Maybe it was a duplication, not replication (within one NBU domain, not across domains).



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I think your problem is the lack of some switches, such as -rcn -slp_name -target_pwd.

For -rcn the number needs to be original source copy number plus 101.

I have just tested that a non-SLP-managed backup image can be manually (push) replicated from one NetBackup domain to another.  I did a backup to an Adv.Disk storage unit (copy 1), then manually duplicated that one image to MSDP (copy 2), then expired copy 1, then manually replicated copy 2 to remote site.  The command syntax that I used was :

nbreplicate -Bidfile -cn 2 -rcn 103 -slp_name MY_SLP_AT_REMOTE -target_sts -target_user root -target_pwd blahblah

Tested using source NetBackup Appliance v2.7.3 replicating to NetBackup Appliance v3.1.1.

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@Michal_Mikulik1  I think what you mean is that a backup image which is still being managed by an SLP cannot be manually manipulated (duplicated or replicated) - but when said backup image has been marked as "SLP complete", then we are free to duplicate and replicate as we please.

I found same this problem.

I backup to msdp (copy1) and tried to run command follow you but still same error.



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please show the source backup image details, the target storage details, the command that you used, and the error message / status.


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