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        这样一个场景,我用的7.0.1的NBU版本,client(media)server和master server均运行在Windows Server enterprise 2008 R2操作系统上,备的是操作系统上的文件,生产站点的阵列lun映射到media server上用作备份空间,当master server 和生产站点上的client(media)server、阵列均故障了,唯一留下的就是生产站点上用作备份空间lun上的数据通过阵列间的异步远程复制到灾备站点的阵列上了,就是说唯一留下的就是备份好的数据

         请问,我在灾备站点重新搭建一套master server  及client之后,如何把这个备份的数据恢复出来?该如何操作?能不恢复?


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Google Translate: Hello

Google Translate:

Hello everyone:
         Such a scenario, I use version 7.0.1 of the NBU, client (media) server and the master server are running on Windows Server enterprise 2008 R2 operating system, the operating system backup files on the production site is mapped to an array lun space on the media server as a backup, when the master server and a production site on the client (media) server, arrays fail, the only thing left is to be used on the production site data backup space on the lun via asynchronous remote replication between arrays array to the disaster recovery site, and that is only left is good data backup
          Can I re-build a disaster recovery site in the master server and the client, how to put this backup data recovery out? How does it work? Can not recover?

SORRY ,I translated it

SORRY ,I translated it :


Two sites of product and disaster recovery.

In product site,I installed Symantec Netbackup 7.0.1 a master server and media server enterprise on Windows Server 2008 R2, an array lun be mapped for media space,then via asynchronous remote replication between arrays ,the backup data be copied to another array which in disaster recovery site. when all devices in product site crashed include master server,only left is the backed backup data which now stored in array in disaster recovery site.

How to put this backup data recovery out in disaster recovery site?

Thank you!


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