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NBU 4.5 MP9 Novell to Windows restore

Level 4


I've been asked to restore some data from one of our legacy systems.  The configuration is as below:

Veritas Netbackup 4.5 MP5
Source Novell Netware file server backed up using the Standard policy type
Destination Windows file server.

Has anyone had any experience in restoring from a standard policy backup to a windows NT destination server and if so have you any guidance ?

If not I'm faced with building a Novell Server and attempting a NBU client installation on it.

Thanks in advance.


Level 4

According to the link above, you cannot restore data from NetWare to Windows or UNIX/Linux.

NetWare backups use two streams, a data stream and a security stream. When performing a restore to a NetWare server, the NetBackup client is looking for the two streams to create the data.

A Windows or UNIX/Linux client uses a single stream. The security and data are backed up together. If you attempt a restore of NetWare data to a Windows or UNIX/Linux server, the NetBackup client will ignore the second stream of data and only restore the first stream, the security stream.