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NBU 6.5 Technical Queries

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Dear Sir,

One of our prestigious Customer asked us these below technical questions regarding Netbackup 6.5.i have answered some of the questions as per NBU 6.0.

Please answer the below questions for NBU 6.5.

Q1) What is the preferred Platform for NetBackup 6.5 to work in Cluster Environment?

Ans: The Master server supports many of the industry standard clustering solutions, such as Veritas Cluster Server on a number of platforms like Solaris and Windows. The updated support matrix for NBU 6.5 is not yet published on the website, Please send me a URL once it has been announced.

 Q2) Can NetBackup 6.5 reporting module integrate into BMC PATROL reporting tool?

 Ans: NBU 6.0 alerts can be looped into many of the Management frameworks like BMC Patrol, Unicenter, TSM, through SNMP traps. We are not sure if the Reporting tool will plug into BMC Patrol, as it seems unlikely. But we are waiting for a formal response from Symantec.

 Q3) Are there NBU reports that are storage utilization based in NBU 6.5?

 Ans: This feature was not there in the NBU 6.0 version, however Please update me whether is feature is available in NBU 6.5 or not?

Q4) Can NBU admin / reporting access be presented through different Web portals for different clients?

Best Regards,

Mohammed Abdul Aleem Taj