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NBU - VIP backups - Status 200

Level 6

I am having a problem with VIP backup policies. I have several policies that use queries to backup VMs in datastores, and some policies work without any problems. Other policies run but error with a Status 200 (scheduler found no backups due to run).

If I manually run the exact same policies that have failed, then the backups run without any issues. It only seems to be when the jobs are scheduled that I see some failures. As mentioned this error does not occur for all VIP policies I have configured, only some. It's intermittent.

My set up is - Windows 2008 R2 x84 / NBU / Master server + 3 x media servers / 1 x backup/recovery host / VC is running vsphere 4.1

I read a technote about status 200 saying that the account I use to connect to the VC is incorrect or the password is incorrect - but I tested this and all is OK, and most VM backups are fine, just some fail.

Any ideas? I don't want to go through the pain of opening a support case with Symantec.



Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

You are right - sounds exactly like this one:

So it really is worth re-checking everything as I cannot see anything else that could have caused it (soon to be corrected by another member no doubt!)

Could we see the detailed status entires of one of the failed jobs please, along with the bpbkar and bpfis logs from the VMWare Backup Host