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NBU 7.1 catalog restore intermittent missing STU

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Hi all,

Wonder anyone enconters this weired issue:

We perform a catalog restore using command bprecover -wizard. The restore was successful all the time. We can get back the policies, media, images and etc. However, after restarting the NBU services, we will intermittent have missing STU...

We already tried several times with different copies of catalog. Sometimes the STU will appear and sometimes will not.

Pls share some thoughts. Advices and suggestions are all welcome.

Thank you


Level 6
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I restored Catalog multiple times but never faced this issue.

Few questions in my Mind ( May be they all you already saw )

You may created new Server/New Installation. So, do you have same drives mapped on the Netbackup Machine on which STU created ?

Any Error/Warning/Critical available in the Event Viewer regarding this ?