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NBU 7.1

Level 3

Does anyone know a way to export\import policies including the current server list or just export/import policies.





Level 3

From the CLI or from the GUI ¿?
The output from the bppllist is not enough?

Level 3

would also want to be able to do a restore.   Couldn't find a way to export from the GUI.  Did I miss it?


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I am not sure what is your requirement....can give more appropriate solutions/suggestions if you could expline your requirement... general suggestion .... 

why dont you try the catalog backup....where it will do the backup of all the configuration info .. including the policys and clients list....

Level 6
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I agree with Nagalla - we need to understand the reason for your request.

Policies is a collection of folders under netbackup/db/class.

These folders can be copied as is (with GUI's closed and daemons/services down) between masters. Storage units must be changed in each policy if not exactly the same.

Server list is a registry key on Windows systems and bp.conf entries on Unix/Linux systems. These settings can be listed with bpgetconfig command (in admincmd folder).

Level 5

Hi Smith,

You can Export the Policy Details from Netbackup Administration Console.

Select Policies in Left Pane -> Expand Summary of all Policies.

Select Attributes -> Press Ctrl+A -> Select File -> Select Export -> In Save As dialog give the Filename with .xls Extension.

Repeat the same for Schedules, Clients and Backup Selections.

But you can't Import in GUI Console.

In Command Line you can use bppllist -allpolicies -U.

Also go through the below mentioned Link:

Level 6

sounds like you also need the images.


agree with Nagalla's comments: need more information, though it seems like you'd want the full catalog and not just the policy metadata.