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NBU 7.7.2 JAVA Console on W2K8 X64 ...really bad

Level 6

Is anybody else having problems with the 772 Java console on W2K8? 

No matter how much memory you give it for initial start up and run time it is incredibly slow.  When the master server is running hard but still has a reasonable amount of CPU & Memory resources it refuses to even start in the master.  When run remotely from a media server it complains about not having the security certificate installed...we are not running with NBAC enabled.  

The only way I have seen to fix this is to reboot the master server, something we try to do as much as possible.  


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The first problem really depends on server's performance and current load. The second problem occurs because of the new Veritas security feature (since 7.7.1) that requires  certificates even without NBAC. You can read about it and certificate generation here