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NBU 7.7.2 - NetApp cDot/NFS SVM/filers - Director Replicator (NDMP enabled) backup on dedicated 10GbE NICs ?

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My first post here so be gentle please. English is not my native language.
I'm still struggling to wrap my head around all the dependencies in the configuration. Say if additional info/logs is needed 

- Searching for how to force backup traffic to use dedicated NICs for Director Replicator. i.e. for where/how to define a working configuration with minimum alterations of current config, and to use the BackupNetwork (10GbE) as primary path and the ManagementNetwork as fallback.
Got regular NDMP backups to flow through 10GbE network but fail to get the DR to work there (DR is the target way)

Director Replicator BUPs works via 1GbE (the ManagementNetwork) but I fail to get it to work with DR using the dedicated 10GbE BackupNetwork.

- Note that MasterServer has no route into the BackupNetwork due to customer requirements -

I suspect this is directly tied to how NetBackup StorageAPI (2.0) and the OCUM server refers to defined SVMs name, but can't find how to config the environment to solve the quiz.

All servers in the environment are setup using FQDN, but to get DR to work (on 1GbE) we had to use Shortname of the SVMs in current setup
On OCUM server, all SVMs are configured as Shortnames (and that is probably the reason for above)
As you see below, the 10GbE interface hostnames are defined in DNS with suffix "nbu"

Below is a summary of the environment and setup.
# existing network environment: ("filtered" Servernames/IP addresses due to customer requirement)
MgmtNetwork           10.x.x.x             1GbE       Routed network
PublicNetwork           A.B.C.D            1GbE       Routed network
BackupNetwork         192.168.x.x      10GbE     NOT-Routed Network 

Existing config:
Object  OS                    Type                                   -Network connected-
MasterServer 7.7.2       W2k12R2 VM           MgmtNetwork
MediaServer 2.7.2         5230Ap                    MgmtNetwork, BackupNetwork

NetAppMain                  cDot 8.3.1                MgmtNetwork
NetAppSek                    cDot 8.3.1                MgmtNetwork
SVM1/vFiler1                 NFS                         PublicNetwork, BackupNetwork
SVM2/vFiler2                 NFS                         PublicNetwork, BackupNetwork
SVM3/vFiler3                 NFS                        PublicNetwork, BackupNetwork
(All SVMs have a DP relationship (snapmirror) between NetAppMain and NetAppSek system)

OCUM                           W2k12R2  VM          MgmtNetwork
(onComandUnifiedManager controlling the NetApps)

StorageAPI2.0               W2k12R2  VM         MgmtNetwork

# DNS:
All devices/NICs above have valid entries (name resolve works ok both in ManagementNetwork/PublicNetwork and in BackupNetwork).
I can reach all devices in the BackupNetwork (using ping) from all others in there.
bpclntcmd -hn/ip (from masterserver) responds with all entries correct

(Entries with suffix -"nbu" are defined in DNS)
MasterServer                     MgmtNetwork
MediasSrver                      MgmtNetwork
MediaServernbu                BackupNetwork
svm1                                  PublicNetwork
svm2                                  PublicNetwork
svm3                                  PublicNetwork
svm1nbu                            BackupNetwork
svm2nbu                            BackupNetwork
svm3nbu                            BackupNetwork
NetAppMain                       MgmtNetwork
NetAppSek                         MgmtNetwork

# Hosts file (local) edited on NetApp:

"NetAppMain" hosts file:
Address          Hostname        Aliases
---------- -------------- --------------- ----------------------
<IP MediaServernbu>    MediasServer     MediasServer.domain (FQDN) 

"svm'n'" hosts file:
Address          Hostname        Aliases
---------- -------------- --------------- ----------------------
<IP of svm'n'nbu>    MediasServer     MediasServer.domain (FQDN) 
(unique IP of the svm'n'nbu interface)

# "Added prefered Network" to Mediaservers "host properties":  
Target    - Spec.As -  Source
IPaddress of SVM1     Match      IPAddress of MediaServernbu
IPaddress of SVM2     Match      IPAddress of MediaServernbu
IPaddress of SVM3     Match      IPAddress of MediaServernbu
MgmtNetwork/23         Match      IPAddress of MediaServernbu

# On Masterserver, client aliases are added for existing clients to consolidate BUP in catalog
d:\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bpclient -client svm1 -M "master" -list_all_aliases

d:\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bpclient -client svm2 -M "Master" -list_all_aliases

d:\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bpclient -client svm3 -M "Master" -list_all_aliases






Level 2

Edit: NetAppMain and NetAppSek Clusters also have their Intracluster connections in the BackupNetwork