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NBU 7 Question

Level 3
Has anyone been playing with NBU 7?

I've set it up on a test environment and I cant seem to find/get the media server storage dedupe working. From my understanding, you can have local storage (ie: E:, F: etc) drive attached to a media server and then configure a disk pool some how. I cant seem to get disk pool created pointing it to the actual media server but rather the master server. So its created on the master server, but i dont see a dedupe option anywhere?

Has anyone set this up yet? Just looking for some feedback

Level 4
Employee Accredited Certified
I finally got around to this. You are correct in that you should have a dedicated disk (like disk staging) to make your disk space reporting accurate. More information on this topic is in the new manual called "Netbackup Dedup Guide"

1. Open admin console
2. Click on Media dn Device Management
3. Click on Configure Disk Storage Servers
4. Select Media Server Dedup pool from the dropdown
5. Fill out wizard info but remember do not forget user/pass for the dedup pool authentication!!!!
6. You should be able to figure it out from here if you have any experience with advanced storage in Netbackup (link the new disk pool to a storage unit etc etc)