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NBU 7 dedupe across master servers

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I am new to NBU7 deduplication. I am working in an environment consisting of 6 master servers (seperate domains). Appreciate if you can confirm the following w.r.t NBU 7 deduplication:

1. Master server can be configured as the deduplication storage server as well. Or is it mandatory to have a seperate media server for deduplication in each domain ? Plan is to enable a combo of client dedupe and MSDO. Can one master/media server handle both client dedupe and MSDO loads ?

2. Sharing a deduplication storage pool across domains(multi masters) is not supported. Each master server should be provisioned with it's own volume as deduplication storage pool.

3.  Opt-dedupe Replication between dedupe storage pools can be accomplished using SLP. In this case will the WAN traffic be limited to unique blocks only ? Since the recommendation is to place the dedupe database in a different volume(from the dedupe data vol), how is the database replicated ? Do we need a seperate replication tool for the same ?




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I don't have answers to all your questions, but herewith my 2c:

Symantec strongly recommends to config MSDO on separate media servers.

Please have a look at this doc for recommendation wrt planning the dedupe environment and media server requirements:

As far as dedupe across master is concerned, this is supported as from NBU 7.1.
See  and


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With ref to your response on dedupe across masters, the links shared are for AIR. How is AIR related to dedupe across masters ?

I want to know if it is possible to have a single dedupe storage pool shared by multiple masters. This means different domains sharing one storage pool.

Are you confirming this is possible ?



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Yes with NBU 7.1 you can configure dedupe backup and can be replicate to different netbackup domain (i.e.  different master server ) . The backup images from the source master server will be replicated automatically to destination master server along with the catalog information . So you can restore the data either from source master or destination master with any importing or images . You can automate eveything through SLP ..