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NBU - 701 - Exchange Public Folder database recovery to an alternate client in the same DAG

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Am having Exchange DAG 2010 R2 DB backup configured in 7.0.1 NBU master server., (DAG = 6node)

mailbox db backup as well as seperate backup policy for Public folder DB backups.,

Customer is requesting to restore the Public folder database in an alternate client which is also presented in the same DAG - In the alternate client customer created an empty public folder database & asked us to restore it on the same.,

Is it possible to restore the Public folder database in an alternate client which is also part of the DAG., because every time when we try to start the restore - It is pointing to the original Public Folder database which is on the source client & creating a new folder in it & trying to restore in that.,

Customer clearly requesting the PF DB should not be done in the exsiting machine - It should be done on an Alternate client where they had created an empty PFDB & it is also a part of the source DAG,

I had opened a case with Symantec & they are saying the below comments:

"""Today on our WebEx session we took a look at your Exchange 2010 Public Folder restores. You had noted that attempts to restore a Public Folder to an Alternate location resulted in the restore attempting to overwrite the original database. I have been able to do some further research into this issue and my research as confirmed what the previous TSE suggested. You cannot redirect the restore of a Public Folder database. 

This Microsoft blog discusses the recovery options available. It suggests using an isolated environment to perform the restore. Essentially, NetBackup would be restoring the Public Folder to what it perceives to be the original location in the isolated environment.

If you search on google for "restore exchange 2010 public folder to alternate location" (without the quotes) you should find this document and a few others that deal with this issue."""

Customer is unhappy with it - Can you please confirm is there any possible way to restore the PFDB in an alternate client of the same DAG???


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If you don't believe the Symantec engineer, log a call with Microsoft and ask for ways to redirect a Public Folder restore. This sounds like a Microsoft Exchange limitation, not NBU.