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[NBU] - Preinstall Netbackup client on VM Template

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Hi everyone,

We want to integrate NBU client 8.1.2 in a vmWare VM template.

We have found these topics :

- preinstall Netbackup client on an VM Template

- Preinstall Netbackup client in a VM template (Windows / Linux)

Do you know if this method is supported with NBU client 8.1.2 ?

Are there additional tasks to be done NBU client 8.1.2 ?

Thx for your help.


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In 8.1.1 and later there are certificates in play so you'll need to generate a new cert for the client after you've created it from template.

Ok thx @RiaanBadenhorst......

You have an  example of command to execute step by step ?

Thx for your feedback.

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I'm certificate guru level 0 so I'll not be able to shoot it out straight up. It would depend on the state the client is in. You might just be able to do nbcertcmd -getcertificate, or you might need to add a token from the master + a force.

You can read more here

if you can create a new vm from your template and then run nbcertcmd -listcertdetails and also show what the client name is / was it would be helpful.

Perfect we will try this.

Thx again ;)


You could do the following: install NetBackup client in the VM (template) and during the install establish trust with the master server (I think FQDN of client does not come in play in this task) and choose not to deply the certificate to the client. You can deploy the certificate once the new VM has been generated from the template and configured with proper hostname and IP address (and reverse IP is setup).


Establish trust: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\nbcertcmd.exe -getCACertificate -server <master server FQDN>
Deploy certificate: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\nbcertcmd.exe -getCertificate -server <master server FQDN>
List CA cert details: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\nbcertcmd.exe -listCACertDetails

PS: don't forget to verify CLIENT_NAME setting for newly deployed VM before deploying the NetBackup security cert

Amazing thx @X2.


Haaaaa Help... It's possible to force ?

"C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\nbcertcmd.exe" -getCACertificate -server agamar
Authenticity of root certificate cannot be established.
The SHA1 fingerprint of root certificate is 84:7F:64:A5:D3:94:CB:03:51:0F:7D:25:03:EC:61:85:CF:FD:10:04.
Are you sure you want to continue using this certificate ? (y/n):


@ymichal wrote:

Haaaaa Help... It's possible to force ?

-force works with -getCertificate only; see nbcertcmd command. The -foce option just overwrites the certificate if it exists.

Personally, I would verify the fingerprint manually during the install and then click "y" to continue. This way I'm sure I'm establishing trust with the correct master server.