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NBU 8.1.2 Web UI

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Has anyone had any success with the new web UI in 8.1.2 on Windows platforms? I've just upgraded a couple of Windows master servers to 8.1.2 and everything works as expected (backups, restores, Java GUI - all the usual stuff). But the new Web UI doen't work on either of them. The browser just says 'page cannot be loaded' or something similar. I never reach a login screen, and I dont get any http transport errors (no 404 or 502, etc). It's not a firewall issue, and the web services are running ok on the master. The vnet proxy logs contain lots of error messages concerning socket read issues, which are probably related, but I can't replicate these in other parts of NBU and Google doesn't help. The bptestnetconn utility succeeds at everything I try, and NBSU gives me a clean bill of health. I'm out of ideas, but it's a new feature that doesn't do much right now, so I'm not too concerned. I have a Linux master to upgrade next - I'll see how that goes.


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I have never tried the new Web UI, but there seems to be a couple of pre-reqs.

See this section in Release Notes:


Users must be root or an administrator or have a role that is configured for them in NetBackup RBAC.

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Could you share a screenshot of what you see in the browser when you try to connect to the webui along with the URL that you are trying to access