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NBU 8.1 Java Admin Console installation

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 it would be much appreciable if any one can help me to get NBU 8.1 java admin console...

-Thanks in advance..


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Hi Jafith,

I'm guessing you want this for Windows 7, although you don't say if it is 32 or 64 bit?  This is available in the NetBackup installation files from FileConnect.

If you haven't downloaded it, go to and then enter the Serial # on your license key certificate, and download the NetBackup 8.1 software version for Windows.

Once it is downloaded, extract the files and you should find Addons\x64\JavaInstallFiles.  Run setup.exe to install the Java Console.  Note there is also an x32 folder in case you need the 32-bit version.

Hope this helps,


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Master server OS ??

if you want binaries will find it in server installation bundle in below path.


you can copy "JavaInstallFiles" folder in your laptop and install.

below URL for how to install java admin console

Fileconnect stie is discontinued 2 years back


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The "NetBackup_8.1_Win\Addons\x64\JavaInstallFiles" can be found in the Windows installation media :

If you have already downloaded NBU 8.1 software, you can go back to the same location (Veritas Support site -> Licensing -> Entitlements) to download the Windows installation media.