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NBU 8.2 - Agentless Restore - Greyed Out - Help!

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We are running NBU 8.2 on 2012 R2 Master and Media servers.

We are attempting to test the agentless restore via the Web UI.

-- We have the "Golden EEB Package" installed on all master and media servers (NB_8.2_ET3998268_3)

-- All vCenters are on 7.6 and all traditional vmware restores work without issue.

-- Matching 8.2 Windows vXupdate package is installed to the system

-- VMs in scope are new and have the latest vmware tools installed

-- We have attempted to test by giving our NBU service account FULL ADMIN permissions to test and it remains greyed out even with all / full admin permission. I have this working in another env that doesn't even have the vXupdate package and it still allows me to move forward (in other words its not greyed out but when we do the pre-check it tells me the package is missing)

-- Is there another specific permission for the NBU service account in vCenter that we need to validate that may not be even in full admin? 

-- Is there a verbose log I can turn up to look at when we go to bring up the agentless restore and it becomes greyed out to look at to help pinpoint why its happening?

-- Here you can see is greyed out:


-- Any other ideas / thoughts?

Thanks everyone!!



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Last year, I had a similar issue with this package which has introduced a bug with EEB 3996459 v2

Veritas has provided a new EEB to install, the 4010507:

1-This fix ensure the NetBackup Resource Broker related data is stored in a SQLite DB instead of Sybase

2-Files and folders restore option greyed out when attempting restore via the Web UI.

You can try to install the new package 3998268 Version 6

If it fails again , open a case to Veritas to obtain EEB 4010507 

Best Regards



Im not sure that is the right rabbit hole to go down... Veritas mentioned it was the "golden eeb" package i mentioned and that is installed... so... doesnt make a lot of sense its another EEB.. unless that EEB you mentioned is another, newer EEB... released after the "Golden" EEB package... I am thinking your specific EEB is part of the Golden EEB package...


The issue described for that EEB is that its avail but just spins... this issue is not that it is avail and just spins its that its not even avail to click... its greyed out, I cant even click it to have the sit and spin issue happen LOL!


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The EEB 3996459 v2 is inculed inside this package and there is a bug on it.

Try to install the last package or open a case to Veritas

Gotcha. Ill see if this EEB is the way to go with this case. 



So Veritas has a "Golden EEB" package that we have as "NB_8.2_ET3998268_3". The link you gave me appears to be the same EEB package but an updated version, "". I will make sure installing this updated EEB package on top of the _3 (apparently older) version is OK to do... I hope I don't have to uninstall _3 EEB and then install _6... I imagine its OK but you just never know ... thoughts? Or are you saying there is an even newer EEB package than _6?




I have installed _6 across my master and media servers... and still.. completely greyed out. At a loss now. Anyone have any other thoughts? Is there a verbose log we can examine when we attempt to do this to see why this is occuring?


Since _6 failed, I am requesting EEB 4010507. See where this goes. 


@Axelay91: Thanks for your help! Confirmed the issue was in fact the EEB 4010507. One single .DLL I believe. Working now. It has nothing to do with the NBU vCenter service account permissions or Guest OS creds...for the feature to not be greyed out on 8.2 was in fact that EEB. That EEB is not avail unless Vertias sends it to you, its not avail from their site. Anyway, thanks for the lead on that! We now have agentless working :D