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NBU Duplication

Level 2

This is my first post as the temporary Admin for our Netbackup system and boy do I have questions.  Let's start with a duplication question.

I've been told our vault process is uncommon so I will explain it.  In the beginning of the month the vault job kicks off and duplicates every full backup taken in the prior week, suspends the media, and ejects the tapes.  We don't use SLPs so in Activity Monitor there is no entry under Job Policy.  I don't know if that's significant.

I use the Catalog to lookup which full backups were completed in the last week of the month so I know what duplications to find written to tape.  When the monthly backup completes I read through all of the duplication entries in Activity Monitor and compare it to the list of full backups that I expected to be duplicated. 

Today I expected to see several duplication jobs running (7 in total, 4 immediately active) when I manually kicked off the end-of-month process and instead only one started.  At this point I know what backups should be duplicating and I can see the backup that is duplicating so I'm looking for a way to figure out why the jobs I expected to duplicate are not given that the Catalog tells me that they fall inside the timeframe that is set in our vault policy. 

Is there somewhere I can see why backups that should be included in the duplication are not?  Is it possible to gather the Job IDs for all the backups that I want to duplicate and create a job that duplicates those Job IDs?

I appreciate the help and look forward to your replies.


Level 4

running your duplications that way will not kick off each duplication as a separate job like the SLPs would.  All the jobIDs are in one duplication job kicked off by the vault job.  It will run the duplications sequentially one at a time.

If you looked at the Activity Monitor/Job Details/Job Overview tab right after you kicked it off, you may have only seen the one jobID in the File List when you would expect to see them all.   But I have seen that most often the other jobIDs don't show up here until they start duplicating.   So if you went back there today, you should see all the jobIDs in that file list box.