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Recently, I also preliminarily tested Veritas NetBackup 9.1 and veeam BR V11, which have just been released. Both of them provide CDP protection features for VMware. However, I found that NetBackup 9.1 CDP deployment is complex, but the function is relatively simple. There seems to be no improvement in RPO and RTO. Maybe I haven't completely found a way to use this function, I hope there will be a more detailed operation introduction. I know that NetBackup 9.1 also provides instant rollback for VMware. This function looks good. Does it rely on CDP?

On the contrary, the CDP function of veeam BR V11 is very easy to deploy. The function looks more practical. It can provide an RPO recovery point of at least 2 seconds, and it is very convenient to drag the scroll bar with the mouse to select the specified recovery time point.

It is hoped that subsequent versions of NetBackup will also provide more such practical functions


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Netbackup CDP deployment is not as complex as you are referring to. But yes, there are 3 things that are needed to be done, differently than that of traditional VMware backup (VADP - Snapshot based).

1) Install Veritas VAIO Filter VIB on ESXi cluster (through vCenter MOB interface).

2) Add any media server (can be existing one) as CDP Gateway in VMware wizard.

3) Provide sufficient staging storage mount point on this CDP Gateway.

Apart from improved RPO (in seconds) & RTO, the most important benefit of NBU VMware CDP solution is Stun free backups for VMware VMs. As you might know, with traditional backup solution, which relies on VMware snapshots, introduces stun inside the guest VM, at the time of snapshot merging/deletion, which is really nasty for database VMs where large transactions are causing random and heavy write load.