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NBU Admin console Query Builder exclusion not working

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Im a noob in regards to NBU. Master and 6 Media servers all on linux. Using SL500, backing up on LTO5.

In my env we have decom a lot of servers. Im trying to remove clients from policies. But when i search for the clients under the policy there is only one. In the activity monitor i see multiple clients for the same policy. Hyper-V to be precise, Primary VM Identifier is "VM display name". to me it seems like there is a query to which clients to get and what not to. since i cant find the clients under the client tab, i tried to do a query for exclusion.

AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "brmwp-ctxgs001"  


but when i Test Query, it still comes under the "Included" and not "exclude". Backup job still ran for brmwp-ctxgs001 today even tho i had excluded it yesterday. Job ran in the evening if it means anything and i made the query around 11am yesterday.

I do not have access to the Hyper-V clients.

Any help would be appreciated. Any article that points me to the right direction would be help too.

Thank you



With SCVMM, you can't manually browse for VM's. You can only select them automatically through a Hyper-V Intelligent Policy query, so that is normal.

I never got clarification that you tried to rebuild your query, you can copy this policy to a new test policy and delete the schedules if you want. Did you try to rebuild your query and move the OR statement at the very bottom, so that all of your "AND" statements are together and are in relation to the first statement. This way the query is read as

VMHost StartsWith "brmwp-hypv"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "BRMWD-RDDEV"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "BRMWP-HYP02"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "BRMWP-HYP03"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "BRMWP-HYP04"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "BRMWP-HYP05"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "BRMWP-HYP06"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "BRMWP-HYP07"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "BRMWP-HYP08"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "BRMWU-SQL01"
AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "brmwp-ctxgs01"
OR ComputerName StartsWith "brmwp-sqlbak01"

I could be wrong about this but from my understanding (especially when you aren't using an advanced query with parenthesis to specify order)

When the OR statement is above AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "brmwp-ctxgs01" I think the query reads that as ComputerName StartsWith "brmwp-sqlbak01" AND NOT ComputerName StartsWith "brmwp-ctxgs01" which this would not cause the VM to be excluded because it doesn't pass that statement because "brmwp-ctxgs01" does not start with brmwp-sqlbak01 thus the VM is still included.

hi @GeForce123

i just changed the query so that OR statement is at the bottom. What you said about it being above AND NOT makes sense. hopefully this will do some majic. back ups happen after business hours so i will see the result tom.

i did copy the policy to a new one. deleted the schedule just to see what the policy would look like but i made changes to the originaly policy. Should i use the copy policy and a client to it? but if it has no schedule is there a point to doing this?

I'm currently trying to exclude one client from this policy and if that worked i would add the rest but ive been stuck at this step for a while now.

Thanks Steve

@simz123 What I meant about copying to a new policy was so that you didn't edit your current policy that is 'production'. You could delete the schedules on the new policy so that it would never automatically run, make the changes to the intelligent query and then run a test query using the new "test policy" to see if that did indeed exclude the client you are trying to exclude. This way you still have the original policy untouched.

Let us know though if that resolved the issue.


thanks, you were right OR should be the last one in the query. since then the query works. cant believe it was just because of that. 


Glad I could help you fix your issue :)