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NBU Exchange GRT restore to alternate folder

Level 5

Need help working on a restore; ticket open to support but hoping to get some help in the meantime...

I have read the Exchange Admin Guide, namely around p. 179, regarding restoring to alternate location. Also have read various pages online, etc. Getting 2810 errors and have not been able to get it to work.

We are running Exchange 2013, have a DAG name, and are trying to restore to a folder named "restore" inside a user's "Inbox" folder. We have created said folder name. There are 02, 03, 04, and 05 exchange servers in that DAG.

At this point we're frustrated and haven't been able to restore an inbox email in place--it's been a while since we've done this. Would love some help. Ask away. Thanks--


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Hello Spitman,

I am curious, does it ever worked since it first configuration? i hope you have considered the below T/N already

could you proivde the detail status of the failed job

we may also needs to collect the logs as listed in below T/N

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Hi @spitman,

Please send us more information.As you said before, you already checked many things inside nbu exchange admin guide right? Did you check all requirements for this restore?

Take a look.



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Status 2810 is the general status for any Exchange restore failure. Please follow the advice and TechNotes in the preceding replies.

Further questions:

- What version of NetBackup on the client? What version on the master server?

- Before the 2810 status, what other errors does the job details show?

- Does the DAG have an IP address?

- Does non-redirected restore work? If you don't want a destructive test, leave the default option to not overwrite a message that already exists. This will still test all of the NetBackup plumbing; only the final EWS update won't go through.

- If the non-redirected restore fails, too, and you don't observe nbgre.exe executing on one of your DAG servers (no ncfgre log produced), then please capture the bprd log on the master and the bpbrm log on the media server. (Not needed if you do get an ncfgre log.)

- Please copy-paste the exact redirection path you are using.

Level 6

still you need to tell us what you have done so far.

restores in Exchange, even a single email, is quite tedious with NBU. in my last Exchange restore, i have to allocate the same drive size as the original drive because i need to restore the whole database. yes, the whole database just to get to a single email item.

so tell us what you've done so far.