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NBU Licensing doubt

Hi there,

The principal site administrator with NBU 8.1 send us tape drives periodically and I need to restore those backups in a remote office with a differente console.

These backup contain snapshots of VMware, SQL and Oracle.

What is the minimum licensing I need on this remote office? Due to a only restore proven scenario (no backups)...

Its ok a Netbackup Server and Library Based Tape Drive license only?

Do I need agents for restore?

What other considerations do I need to know to make it work?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: NBU Licensing doubt

Can we assume that you mean tapes, not 'tape drives'?

For traditional agent-based licenses, you will need at least 1 of each option:

Netbackup Enterprise Server
Netbackup Enterprise Client (for VMware restores)
Standard Client
Application and Database 
Library Based Tape Drive

If you have Capacity license, then you don't need anything else for your remote site. 




Re: NBU Licensing doubt

Thanks Marianne!

Tapes sorry, for what are the Standard Client and Application and Database agent?

So I will need these agents if I am doing only restores?


Re: NBU Licensing doubt


actually, official Veritas licensing guide tells nothing about "restore only" clients in a traditional model.

Maybe "Cold DR" policy can be applied when restored data are not re-backedup again.

However you should contact your local Veritas reseller to clarify this..




Re: NBU Licensing doubt

Our local Veritas SE confirmed recently confirmed that 'restore only' environment needs agents for each feature that will need restore.
Not needed for Capacity license. 

I guess the real test is to try a restore of a feature / database where the license does not exist on the master server. 

Cold DR policy is for real disaster or where DR testing is done (no more than 12days a year).
(With the exception of Failover Readiness Testing, for up to twelve days per calendar year, the Cold Disaster Recovery Licenses cannot be used simultaneously with the production license.)