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NBU - Media Mgt - TapeAlert Code: 0x08, Type: Warning, Flag: NOT DATA GRADE

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I saw Bob's thread about another similar error.
Does anyone know what's the story with this one:
WarningTapeAlert Code: 0x08, Type: Warning, Flag: NOT DATA GRADE, from drive IBM.ULTRIUM-TD2.000 (index 0), Media Id IL0521

Thanks for your answers.

Level 6
Does it happened only when accessing (read/write) this media? If yes, replace it as it's indicating that its unreliable media.

According to TapeAlert description: No Data Grade, code 08H, is a warning alert type indicating that any data wrote into the media is at risk as the drive has not been able to read the MRS stripes (don't ask me what is MRS stripes, its alien to me) and recommendation is to replace media.

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So, no way to retrive the data from those tapes?

I have similar issue (with below logs)  while doing image import on a tape.

Error bptm(pid=3208) cannot read image from NDMP media id MDS0L1, drive index 10, error code 20 (NDMP_UNDEFINED_ERR)
7/31/2009 5:53:48 PM - Warning bptm(pid=3208) TapeAlert Code: 0x08, Type: Warning, Flag: NOT DATA GRADE, from drive IBM.ULT3580-TD2.010 (index 10), Media Id MDS0L1

I have critical data on it..Any chance to recover the data.?

Level 6
it usually reads ok on second attempt.  Might be wise to duplicate the volume if it's critical data.

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This might be a signal that you need to hear - your tape is dying - duplicate it asap in order to be able to recover from it!