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NBU Oracle Agent and RMAN: creating DUPLEX copies

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I am currently using the NBU Oracle agent to create RMAN backups of a database and all is working fine.  I'd now like to modify the script to create 2 copies - what Oracle RMAN calls "Duplexing".
The NBU documentation for the Oracle agent refers to using the "set duplex=ON" parameter, but apparently that was deprecated in Oracle 9.0.1.  The new way to do this is via "configure datafile copies for device type sbt to 2;" or similar.
When I try this, I get an error saying:

No policy or schedule name is explicitly specified for copy number <1>

Is anyone using the multiple copies feature from the RMAN script?  Whats the trick?



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Please, post your RMAN script

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You dont need Oracle doing duplicates, better leave this to Netbackup, you can configure your Schedule to use Inline Tape Copy (ITC) where you can setup 2-4 copies who can run to 2 different STU's (I recomend to ensure both STU devices where the same kind to prevent performance issues). Other option is Vault, once your backups are done you can let Vault Duplicates to create the second copy and the last option which is the newest one and the best is Storage Lifecicle Policies, where after a backup is done, inmidiately the duplicate is started, providing a lot of options of how you want to perform duplicates or double backups.

Hope this helps.
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