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NBU Policy Reporter

Level 4

i'm on 7.7.3 and we don't have a backup policy reporter tool. i found this old link

does anyone know if a policy reporter is in the works for NBU? can't believe such a required tools is missing.



I wonder which particular policy details you are looking for. Have you tried using NetBackup OpsCenter Analytics?

I have not had the need to know which policies changed since the last day. I do output the details of all policies to a text file every day and keep for a week. If need be, I can check the diff between two files to see what exactly changed. Again, I have not had the need to see the diff and do checking yet.

PS: My environment involves 2 production NetBackup domains and about 400 policies = small environment I believe.

i'm looking for a report that will print all the backup policies i have that includes date and time. it is to be submitted to management regularly therefore i can't use the output from a command done from CLI.