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NBU + VCS +GCO + SCS = ?

Hi all,

I've been reading the whitepaper "Implementing Highly Available Data Protection with NetBackup" with great interest and investiagting the possibility of a new Master Server cluster with 3 nodes over 2 sites. Upon reading the Veritas NetBackup™ High Availability Administrator’s Guide, there is an interesting line on page 50:

"NetBackup supports the use of the Global Cluster Option (GCO) with VCS. For information on how to configure and use GCO with NetBackup, contact Consulting Services."

Has anyone had experience of building a clustered master using GCO, and how did they find the experience? Looking to get a feel for how involved and complex (read: costly!) this might be.

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Only once I "supported" a GCO case

I don't remember much about it, I think it was a little bit different to normal VCS setup, just a tiny bit - so I had to ask VCS support engineer for assistance.

For the building/consulting experience with GCO, I can't really tell.

Last year when we had a Symantec consulting guy on site for two days, we had to pay a little more than A$4,000 excluding travel/expense.

It was for NetBackup catalog migration, but I guess they don't bill too-much-differently for the different tasks ... it's just a labour cost anyway.