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I am new to NBU 7.7. i installed it to try out and added the client, media server and controlling from master server. i am encontering some problem in managing and lot of forum talki about issuing commands. is there a seperate nbu command interface? if it is how to access it ?


please help

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The NetBackup CLI should be accessible to you through the standard Windows CLI.  Most of the commands that you will use for day to day administration/monitoring will be located in <Install_Path>\Veritas\NetBackup\bin and <Install_Path>\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\

What types of problems are you having?

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Thanks for the reply RJ. the fiirst hurdle I faced was when I try to push install media server from master and someone on the forum told me it cannot be done so i installed locally. after that i created the storage units and trying to run b/up i get the error 2074 saying Disk Volume is down.

and one more thing when i did the Master server installation i did the custom install but when I check under host properties-media server I also see the Master server listed under it.

thanks in advance

Everything that is done in

Everything that is done in the GUI has a command line equivalent. Commands are listed in the Command Reference Guide along with switches, options and examples. We ask for output of commands to see the relevant configuration in easy understandable text format. To troubleshoot configuration issue with Storage Unit, you can show us output of bpstulist -L (Command is in ...netbackup\bin\admincmd) To see how 'servers' have been configured in your environment, the following command output may give us a better picture: nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose nbemmcmd -getemmserver Run all of these commands on the master server. PS: It was me who told you that a media server cannot be push installed. Hopefully you have downloaded the Installation Guide and read the Media Server installation section?

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If you need assistance to troubleshoot the 'Disk volume down' error, please start a new discussion.