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NBU differential backup

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I thought that full differential in NetBackup only compares to last full? So how VMware backup (vss updating the Last Backup Date field) can affect backup chain? 



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Seems your query is related to the solution in the SQL on VMware post, right?



That's right.

I think I know what Haniwa ment in his post, quote:

"Another thing to be aware of ...

When using VMware policy on a SQL host without selecting SQL protection checkbox, the backup will trigger the whole stack of VSS providers (via VADP -> VMware Tools), which includes the SQL VSS provider. The resulting VSS provider invocation will update the Last Backup Date field for each database, as if a SQL backup had been taken, unaware that the VMware policy did not take a SQL backup. If youractual SQL backup method (NBU SQL Agent as an example), is a Full, then this will not matter, but if it is a Diff, it will result in a broken backup chain, since the Diff will be based off of a Last Backup Date that never occured."

But I have just implemented intelligent policies with differential backups and did successfully retored databases from differential backup even parent server was also backed up using VMware policy with SQL protection unchecked. VMware backup occured between full and differential I restored from.

I would be very grateful for clarification on this matter (I didn't find anything in NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Guide, but I might have missed something :)