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NBU services not starting on server reboot, following in-place upgrade of Windows from 2012 to 2019

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NetBackup 9.0  (there was no 9.0 option in the 'Product Version' drop-down above)

A few weeks ago I upgraded NetBackup from 8.0 to 9.0. It's been running fine since this. I don't know if a server reboot was performed after the upgrade - can't remember.

Today, I've done an in-place upgrade of Windows Server, from 2012 R2 to 2019, which involved several reboots. After the in-place upgrade, at first, I couldn't get the NetBackup console to launch, until I had to manually start the 'Enterprise Media Manager' service. Then I could open the console, but couldn't get any new jobs that I launched to appear in the Activity Monitor. Until I manually started the 'Resource Broker' service.

I've now rebooted the server a few times, and these two NetBackup services (possibly more that I haven't noticed) aren't starting automatically. Obviously their 'Startup Type' is still set to Automatic.

Any ideas what might be wrong here?

If I didn't reboot the server after the NetBackup 8.0 to 9.0 (can't remember if I did or not), then I have no real way of knowing whether this "services not starting on startup" problem is as a result of the NetBackup upgrade, or as a result of the Windows Server upgrade.

If it's due to the Windows upgrade, does NetBackup need a 'repair' of some kind? Is that even possible?




As you mention that the services are still set to start automatically, but don't start on reboot, what do you see in event log after reboot?

For NetBackup 8.0 to 9.0 upgrade question that it might have caused something - again the best bet would be to go back in Event Viewer and check relevant events during/after upgrade.


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Hi @gwyn 

You didn't mention which services didn't start (there are some that in a "standard" installation although set to automatic wont start). I've attached the running services from a 8.3 master server as an example of what you might expect to see.

Further to looking at the event log, from a elevated command prompt, can you use the bpdown & bpup commands to stop the start NetBackup without the reboot (found in the NBU bin directory <INSTALL_PATH>\Veritas\NetBackup\bin). Use the options "-f -v" and paste the output from the "bpup -f -v". This may help determine what's wrong. 

A couple of things to check in the meantime - the user defined for the "NetBackup Web Management Console" service (defaults to nbwebsvc, but could be a domain user) - has the password for this account expired, or has the account become locked? Also does this account still have the rights to "Log on as a servce" on the local machine (found in the local security policy)?



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Thank you both for your replies. After posting the original message, I managed to sort out access to the support portal to allow me to open tickets (was having difficulty with that, hence posting on VOX).

So when that came though, a member of the support team connected, then informed me of this article...

Few NetBackup services won't start automatically after reboot on Windows 2012 R2 (

It's for an older version of NetBackup, and an older version of Windows, but it was still relevant in my case. Turns out I had 5 services that were behaving in this way, rather than the 2 that I listed in my original post. So after changing them all to delayed start, they now come up properly after a reboot.