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NDMP Backups Speeds slow and failing - Netbackup 7.6

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Yesterday I repalced by LTO5 tape drives with LTO6 drives to take advatage of the higher storage capacity and evet since I have done  that I am getting very slow speeds while backing up my NDMP data on my Netapp filer.

Earlier I use to get decent speeds of 120 Mb/Sec and now its like a max of 80 Mb/Sec if I am lucky and my backups keep failing with the same error message always which is..


23/12/2014 07:45:44 - Info ndmpagent(pid=9964) iaedxa1502: DUMP: dumping (Pass IV) [regular files]      
23/12/2014 07:48:18 - Info ndmpagent(pid=9964) iaedxa1502: DUMP: Tape write failed.        
23/12/2014 07:48:19 - Info ndmpagent(pid=9964) iaedxa1502: DUMP: DUMP IS ABORTED        
23/12/2014 07:48:19 - Info ndmpagent(pid=9964) iaedxa1502: DUMP: Deleting "/vol/AEDXAProjectwise/../snapshot_for_backup.89" snapshot.        
23/12/2014 07:48:20 - Error ndmpagent(pid=9964) iaedxa1502: DATA: Operation terminated: EVENT: I/O ERROR (for /vol/AEDXAProjectwise/)    
23/12/2014 07:48:20 - Error ndmpagent(pid=9964) NDMP backup failed, path = /vol/AEDXAProjectwise/       
23/12/2014 07:48:20 - Error bptm(pid=11416) none of the NDMP backups for client iaedxa1502 completed successfully   
23/12/2014 07:49:18 - Info bptm(pid=11416) EXITING with status 99 <----------        
23/12/2014 07:49:18 - Info ndmpagent(pid=0) done. status: 99: NDMP backup failure       
23/12/2014 07:49:18 - end writing; write time: 3:20:51
NDMP backup failure(99)


It is almost happening to every backup I run.. sometimes it fails after 10 hours and sometimes after 4 hours.. its pretty random..

Any Help?





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How to troubleshoot NDMP Backups failures when status code 99 (or other NDMP backup failure) is reported. Includes logging instructions.

Article:TECH56492  |  Created: 2007-01-31  |  Updated: 2014-09-03  | 

Article URL



STATUS CODE: 99 "NDMP backup failure" occurs when backing up a NDMP client.

Article:TECH37502  |  Created: 2005-01-22  |  Updated: 2010-09-07  |  Article URL


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I had looked at the above Tech docs while one of them says double the path of the volume which mighy be wrong which in my case isnt the issue and the second one points to the incremental backup issue when no files have been changed.

I dont run incremental backup on my netapp filers only full..

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NDMP backup failed Status 99 - DUMP: Tape write failed DATA: Backup terminated: EVENT: I/O ERROR

Article:TECH223340  |  Created: 2014-07-29  |  Updated: 2014-07-29  |  Article URL

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Operation terminated: EVENT: I/O ERROR (for /vol/AEDXAProjectwise/)

Refer to the NAS event log/syslog and look for related error messages. I don't think Netbackup is the one to blame here.

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NDMP backup fails with Status Code 99 - dump command fails to initialize

Article:TECH159083  |  Created: 2011-04-28  |  Updated: 2014-01-03  |  Article URL

Troubleshooting performance issues on a NetApp filer; how to perform a dump to null

Article:TECH30939  |  Created: 2004-01-05  |  Updated: 2013-10-23  |  Article URL