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NDMP / NetApp

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With all the help and knowledge on here, i am just about done messing with my NBU environment prior to the windows stuff coming over here as well.  I have one more question, as we were able to get NDMP installed and up and running.  Is there a path directive that i can place in the backup selections on my NDMP policy that will back up the entire disk on a netapp device?  I have found a couple of posts on the web about the netapp not liking ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES(which i found out as well), but was there another selection i can do without having to select each filesystem in the policy?

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Have you tried a plain:

Level 6
I went to the book on this one. Wildcards are not supported.


The Backup Selections list must specify directories from the perspective of the NDMP ost.

Two examples:



The following Backup Selections capabilities are NOT supported for an NDMP policy:

Wildcards in pathnames. For example, /home/* is an invalid entry.

Individual file names. Only directory or volume names are allowed.

Exclude list (because client software is not installed on the NDMP host). You can,

however, exclude files by using the SET keyword as shown under “Using

Environment Variables in Backup Selections list.” The SET option allows you to

exclude files on a backup. The format is vendor dependent; refer to the vendor’s

documentation for more details on which variable can be passed and in what format.