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NDMP Restores Failure


I am facing a strange issue with the NDMP restores.If i am running 2 simultaneous restores one of the restore is getting failed with error - "another restore is active on the same destination". However the restores are directed to different folders with in the same share.

Please suggest if this is a known limitation with the NetApp filer running data ontap 7 mode. Meanwhile i will try to check this on a different share.

Thank You

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Re: NDMP Restores Failure

I think you need to identify whether the message is from NetApp or from NetBackup.  Personally I suspect that the message is from NetApp, i.e. that concurrent NDMP style restores to one of the specific NetApp object types is not featured / allowed / supported.

See these links for tips on how to view NetBackup NDMP logs: