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NDMP backup stops xferring data

Level 6

A bit odd this one, hopefully the forum will lead somewhere good.

I had data on filer X, mirrored to filer Y ( 30 miles away from X and from the master, a Sol10  box).

I then implemented a new media server under Windows alongside filer Y, with two ndmp drives directly attached to my filer Y.

I moved backups to the filer Y.

Whilst the backups (CIFS) mostly work, two do not work ( and they used to work on filer X).

One in particular runs for about 3hrs then just sits there occupying a drive and no data moves. A repeat run and it stops in exactly the same place, having xferred a whole heap of files/bytes. Its a full backup , sub vol : ie /vol/myvol/mydir1

I have to cancel it: I dont have the luxury of so many free drives and it really looks like its died.

Filer is Netapp,Master is 7504, media svr is 7.1

Any suggestions where best to start looking/logs to enable?




Level 6

The b/up has done 3.8 million files and ...253....648kbytes precisely. On both attempts. If I were to characterise it, I'd  say theres a lot of small files and one differnce is themaster servers is 30 miles away on the end of a 1Gbit netlink.