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NDMP remote backup to disk Multistream

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Greetings,  I've looked all over and have seen conflicting ideas and need clarification.  I have added my backup setup below.

1 Master & Media server with direct attached storage 2 Drive library direct attached

~40 TB (will grow in the 80 range when project completed) NAS Head Equalogic Container with 3 sub containers (I.E. /Departments /Programs /Users)

The NAS is being backed up by NDMP of course.  I have three policies setup to allow multistreaming, the  library SU is set to run multiple drives, the global attributes are set to allow multiple.  I understand I cant multistream to Tape unless I setup individual backup selections rather than the implied inclusion by using the sub container.  Using one LTO5 drive takes longer than our backup window allows. When backing up the NAS to Disk which DAS we get about 120MB/s so that is something along the lines of 432 GB/h D2D over NDMP.  I assume this is just the increased performance compared to writing to tape.  

I don't want to have to make explicit backup selection every time we create a share because someone might miss it and its more "overhead" for our understaffed department.  The SAN admin cant resize the containers and doesnt want to have to create new ones if we dont have to since we would lose the space.  

Ultimately we will have two DAS totaling about 100TB attached by SAS to our media server.  However I have to move the data that is on them to the NAS before moving them to the current media server.  I will then setup the disk staging storage units to copy to tape not having an effect on performance of the live data medium.  We will also gain two more drives to the logical library once that data is moved and I can decom the old backup server.

Here's what I'm requesting help on:

1) Is there anythting I should look into in the current config to increase performance

2) Multistreaming isnt possible with one backup selection ever?

3) Would it be ideal to split the containers add them as 2-3 TB "slices" and add each of them as backup selections effectivly allowing to multi stream with one policy per container type? (This is my preference, based on my understanding)  I could do ~7.2 TB w/4 drives over 10 hours if my math was right direct to tape.

Thanks for your time, Helping a novice netbackup user.


Level 3