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NDMP restore fails with error : (2813) NDMP policy restore error

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I'm currently having an issue restoring to an NDMP host. Here are some details. 

An old Netapp filer died. It was replace with a newer filer and we want to restorre to the one. I was able to authenicate the new filer and attempted the restore the data. It fails with a 2813 error. 

The job details and ndmpagent entries are in the files I've uploaded. DAR has been disabled.


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The error in ndmpagent logs match with this old technote:

It seems to not recognize/resolve that IP address correctly:

10/3/2017 08:17:35.649 [NdmpAgentLmLogger::Log] CreateServer: vnet_cached_getaddrinfo failed, host =, status = 6, error = 11001
10/3/2017 08:17:35.649 [NdmpMoverSideShm::MoverListen] Failed to create a listen socket for IPv6

Also try to do a "bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache" after that.

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Your error is

ndmp_data_connect_v3 failed, status = -1 (-1)  


Most likely a remote restore (data hosted by the media server) is being attempted and the filer has to reach back to the media server on the port range 1024-5000

Being this is a replacment filer, this was likely never setup.