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NDMP restores are taking long time

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I have some urgent restores going on through NDMP filers. Restores have been done on tapes and now I am restoring them back to vfiler from tapes. 

I have SSO environment with multiplexing enabled. Restores are taking longer time than expected. Some restores are even taking 40+ hours and are still running.

I have found from detailed status that the restores are taking more time when they finish restore from one image and then switch on to next. I am attaching screenshot for the refrence highlighting the time.

Netbackup Version:

Master Server: Windows 2008 R2

Filer: Netapp


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What actual speeds are you seeing?

Is DAR enabled on the master server?

What level of multi-pleximg was used in the original backup tape?

How big are the restores in GB?

Is the NetApp filer busy anyway?

Are you restoring to a volume which has a snapmirror, or is performing a reallocate, or is perorming any of the ASIS dedupe stages?

Was the original backup saved using any special NetApp "directives" in the original backup policy?