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NETBACKUP 8.1 certificate renewal

We are using NBU 8.1 with 800-900 linux clients and 500 Windows clients

When I look at the certificates, A few hundreds will expire in 170-180 days.

To be able to continue the backup, to extend the life of a certicicate, we generate a reissue token from the GUI, copy the authiorization code (manually, copy/paste doesn't work), connect on the client and execute "nbcertcmd -getCertificate -token -force".

It works, but if we have a few hundreds systems to update, we need something that could be scripted and executed from one point.

Is there a solution in 8.1 for this problem ? For technical reasons, we cannot upgrade to 8.2 (We backup OpenVMS systems with NBU and 8.1 is the latest version with a support for this OS).

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Re: NETBACKUP 8.1 certificate renewal


this is automatic in NetBackup. 180 days before expiry it starts certificate renewal attempts.



Re: NETBACKUP 8.1 certificate renewal

Actually the NetBackup v8.x SCL states that NetBackup v8.1 not supported for use with NetBackup Client on OpenVMS 8.2 / 8.3 / 8.4, and so we have to assume that here the SCL actually means NetBackup Server v8.1, because we know that the last version of NetBackup Client for OpenVMS was NetBackup Client v7.5.

So, if I am interpreting correctly, then it would seem to me that you should still be able to do :

(several OS) NetBackup Master Server v8.2 -> (several OS) NetBackup Media Server v8.0 -> OpenVMS NetBackup Client v7.5


Re: NETBACKUP 8.1 certificate renewal