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NOM server service exit with code 7

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I'm trying to setup NOM on a windows server and it keep encountering "User authentication failed. The user name/password are invalid for the selected domain" when trying to logon NOM.

I also observed in the event log "The Java Virtual Machine has exited with a code of 7, the service is being stopped." and confirmed from the Adminstrative Tools->Services that the NOM server service is stopped (supposed to start automatically).

I had tried restart the service and even reformatted the disk & re-install the OS, NBU client, PBX, Authentication server and NOM but still encounter the same problem.

Anyone with the experience please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Level 6

Is you master server a UNIX server or an NT server?

Level 6
The master server is a Unix server but the NOM server is on a Win2k3 server.

But I think it haven't reach the stage when NOM communicating with the master server. According to my understanding, after NOM is installed, I should be able to logon even before configuring the NOM client (master server).

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Do you have VRTSat installed in the master server? Have you setup the trusted relationship between master and client machines?

I also think that you don't have to communicate with the master server just to login to NOM. Just after adding the master server to the servers list in the NOM GUI.

Another advice is to install MP2, if not done already.

I have NOM working but the machine is the same as the master server (just for testing :) )

Level 6
have you tested if NOM is working on the master?

Export your $DISPLAY and run it.


Level 6
VRTSat is not installed. I think it's not a pre-requsite for NOM (my NOM server is not on the Master server)

Yes, MP2 on master server installed and trusted relationship between master and client machines is setup. But it haven't reach that stage yet.

My master server is a HPUX box & NOM server is not supported on HPUX :(

Level 6
I gave up on NOM. Managed to get it started by cloning from a known working setup but as a whole its too problematic and unstable.

Guys, thanks for helping.

Level 6
Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0 Operations Manager Getting Started Guide Revision 1 for Windows and Solaris (last updated October 2006)

Level 6
Hi Bob,

Thanks for keeping me posted.
I've stop evaluating NBU6 & NOM and decides to wait for NBU 6.5
But I'm still reading the posts in this forum on NBU6 related issues to get myself updated with its progress.