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Names of parameters NetBackup passes RMAN script on backup start

Level 3
I need to modify my rman script to run application backup 1 if the automatic schedule is called "daily", or run application schedule 2  if the automatic schedule is called "weekly".  In this case, both daily and weekly are full so I can not use the $BACKUP_TYPE parameter that NB passed to the script.  Is there another parameter to use in an if statement for the automatic schedule name?

I realize that from the RMAN script I send back the $SCHED_NAME parm when I chose which application schedule to run.  But is any schedule value sent initially from the automatic schedule?  I can't seem to find an answer on this in my documentation.

Any advice would be appreciated,



Level 6
For an oracle backup, you can specify the following in your script:


if this is not used, it will pick up the schedule as per the backup window.
if there are no schedules, it will pick up defaul-application-backup that gets created with oracle policy.

You can definitely use the if block in your RMAN script since its basically a shell script. Everything before and after the RUN {}  block is a shell script. 

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Creating dedicated policy for weekly and daily backups, if you don't mind number of policies.
Remaining NB_ORA_POLICY and NB_ORA_SCHED empty will result in using Default-Application Backup schedule of each policy; if I remember right.

Level 3
Alright, I didn't realize I could use the same parameters on the way into the rman script as back to netbackup.  I will try it out and get back to you

Level 3
I'm pretty sure the only variables are (NB_ORA_FULL, NB_ORA_CINC, NB_ORA_INCR, and NB_ORA_POLICY) passed from the NetBackup automatic schedule job.

Thanks for the assistance.