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Nectbackup Server 100% CPU

Level 3



I was wondering if anyon could offer some advice on the following problem I am having.



Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Netbackup 6.0 MP4

Netbackup DLO Edition 2.0


Our backup jobs start of fine at run at the speed we would expect for about 3-4 hours then a process starts using up 100% of the CPU and the backups jobs speed degrades accordingly. On checking process explorer the process using 100% is listed as SYSTEM and appears to be linked to the DLO as the TCP/IP tab shows it has connections open to all our laptops.  However if we do not run any backup jobs we do not get the 100% CPU issue. Has anone experienced any similar problems?




Level 5
i have never worked with DLO but just wandering if there is any kind of anti-virus / open file backup manager (eg VSP) conflict going on here ....

Level 3
I have disabled the anti virus scan and vsp and ran backups but we get the same issue.

Level 6

looks more like a windows thing try disabeling all the services you can and kill all the unnessesary processes anything else that is not a netbackup, then start your backups and see how it work, if you still have an issue open a case with Symantec and Microsoft.




Level 2

DLO is for Desktop Laptop option, try creating 3-4 policies for different laptops/desktops at different time levels. since DLO is trying to backup all the desktops/laptops at the same time, cpu utilization is high. if you dont want to backup desktops/laptops, uninstall the key for DLO.





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Level 3
I dont think DLO is the problem because as soon as you stop the backups running in netbackup CPU usage returns to normal, although there might be a conflict between the two?

Level 3

We have done futher testing and the problem  seems to be steming from dropped packets on the network card.


If we run multiple jobs on the backup matser server  we get numerous recieve errors on the network card

However if we load test the network card to 1 Gb for twenty minutes using network testing software from the backup clients we get no receive error on the card

If we run the backup against one client we get no dropped packets so based on that we thing the hardware is ok. It only seems to happen when we try backing up multiple clients

HAs anyone come accross a problem simialr to this before?