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Need an easy way to recalculate Retention level

Level 5
Hey all ,

I need an easier way to recalculate retention level for backups , right now i am doing this

bpexpdate -recalculate -backupid <BackupID> -d <date>

but i have to do this on every single image , i have many of them , is there an easier way to run this againest multiples . I am not good with scripts either but if someone could post a script i can use that would be greate and i can run it . i have NBU 6.5 and Solaris 10 .


Level 3
bpexpdate -recalculate -policy <policy name> -client <client name> -d <date>
Will address ALL backup images witten by the policy specified, for the specified client name (or omit for all clients)

returns the options where you can filter by schedule type (Full, user, incremental, etc etc) and other nifty stuff.