Need confirmation of Exchange 2013 support

We are setting up a new NetBackup 7.5 master server and I need to get confirmation of support for Exchange 2013. I have seen articles suggesting that there is no support and not even any plans for support at this time, even though Exchange 2010 is supported. I have seen an "idea" has been created that needs to be voted on by customers, but my management require official confirmation at this time. Can someone please oblige?

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The only official

The only official compatibility guides can be found here:

NetBackup 7 Application/Database Agent (CL):

You will see that up to Exch 2010 SP3 is currently supported. You may want to subscribe to this TN in order to receive notification when the doc is updated.

Best to contact Product Management via your local Symantec office or reseller. Symantec will not disclose roadmap info on a public forum. 


Suppport for Exchange Server

Suppport for Exchange Server 2013 was released last Monday (06-24) on patch.



One follow up item , Exchange

One follow up item , Exchange 2013 will not support GRT.