Need solution for tar file write error (10054)

Hi dudes,

Am getting error as tar file write error 10054. kindly help me resolve this issue. thanks. As my master and media is up and able to piging.

when am fire the backup its getting back of an half save sets only from the backup policy. its not getting full save sets.

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What are you backing

What are you backing up/restoring?

What version of NetBackup is the media server and the client?


So tar is logging a 10054 error?

Let's see the Detailed Status section from the job.

Let's have a look at the tar log on the client

10054 error is normally a connection reset by peer error.

What type of data are you

What type of data are you trying to restore ?

What OS and version of NBU ?

Are you stating that part of the data gets restored but then fails in the middle ?

If you , you may need to increase the client read timeout.

Starting a backup, the NetBackup client agent may not be able to send keepalives to the media server if the read of client data is taking a long time to complete one buffer of data. When this occurs, the media server may timeout after the time specified in the media server's host properties.

 Some clients with very large filesystems / active filesystems / lots of small files may need a value of 1800, 3600, 7200, 10800 or higher.

For your system:

Please login to the involved master and media server and increase the following timeout to 3600
In the Admin GUI go to Host Properties => Master Server Host Properties => Timeouts => "Client Read Timeout" -> 3600

Also set the "Client Read Timeout" to 3600 for the client on which the backup fails:
Go to Host Properties => Clients => Properties (of the specific client) => Timeouts

After performing the above steps, run the following command on the Master server so that these settings take effect:
# /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bprdreq -rereadconfig

For the client, please restart the Netbackup Client service.

  Hi Revaroo,   Thanks for

Hi Revaroo,
Thanks for your reply. we are taking backup of file server. here, master and media server act as same and client is the master server which is getting backup. master and media version is 6.5 bez both are same. client is 6.5. Not able to take backup of file server.
backup type is full with flat file system.


Hi Dyneshia, NBU version 6.5

Hi Dyneshia,

NBU version 6.5 and OS - windows 2003 Server.

As am trying to take the backup of full backup for file server (flat file system). when fire the backup its getting half of the data and then error showing as tar file write error (10054).

out of 27GB data i have taken the back of 15GB. kindly suggest.

10054 is usually a network

10054 is usually a network error - but can be failed media of timeout

Can you show us the information in the detailed tab of the backup job please

It does sound network related as per this tech note:

There are also other reasons on Windows clients such as this one:

Show us the full details from the job and also create the <install path?\veritas\netbackup\logs\bpbkar\ folder on the client so that it captures its logs during the next run and post the result on here

Hope this helps

Can you reproduce the issue

Can you reproduce the issue each time ? Or do you get the error intermittently ?

Were you able to increase the read timeout ?